Korean crispy flying mix 바삭튀김가루 – 500g

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Cooking Directions

Step 1. Combine 500g of fling mix with 700ml of water and stir lightly.

청정원 바삭 튀김가루 500g에 물 700g을 넣고 덩어리가 지지 않도록 잘 저어 줍니다.

Step 2. Remove excess water from food to be coated and coat with fling mix.

물기를 없앤 재료에 마른 튀김가루를 묻혀 가볍게 턴 후 튀김 반죽옷을 얇게 입혀줍니다.

Step 3. To test, place a small portion of flying mix into frying pan with heated oil. If breading rises to the surface within two seconds,  put the remaining coated food into pan.

준비된 용기에 식용유를 넣은 후 튀김 반죽 한방울을 떨어뜨려 2초이내 떠오르면 반죽되어진 튀김을 넣은 후 노릇해지면 건져 줍니다.




Korean crispy flying mix

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