Seasonal kimchi- Pumpkin kimchi(호박김치 ~08-12-2022)

kr150.00 price including tax


-Capacity: 900g


Pumpa, salladskål, salladslök, pollack bitar,chili, rädisa, vitlök, äpple, päron, salt, socker, fisksås, ris

(Pumpkin, chinese cabbage, green onion,pollack, chilli, radish, garlic, apple, pear, salt, sugar, fish sauce, rice)

(호박,배추, 파,동태,고추,무,마늘,사과,배,소금,설탕,피쉬소스, 찹쌀죽)

++This is a local kimchi in the northern region of Korea, and it is eaten as kimchi, but it is mainly eaten by making a stew after fermenting well. It contains the soft texture of pumpkin, cabbage kimchi, various seasonings and pollack pieces, so it is good to make a warm stew in winter and enjoy it easily.++


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