Price Increase Notice

가격인상예고 / from 1st November 2020

Small (450g)

Now 65kr (144/kg)
-> 70kr (155kr/kg)

Medium (120g)

Now 120kr (133/kg)
-> 130kr (144kr/kg)

Large (2,5Kg)

Now 270kr (108/kg)
-> 300kr (120kr/kg)

Seoul Food was established in Stockholm in 2019 by the Koreans who have the ambition to introduce authentic Korean Kimchi to Stockholm.

We are located in the heart of the Stockholm – Kungsholms strand – and consist of two sections below.

Kimchi Factory

Kimchi Shop

We manufacture both fresh and fully fermented kimchi in our factory and also serve various Korean dishes utilizing kimchi.

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Seoul Food AB

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Soonbok Lee
+46 72 388 7972


Facebook @seoulkimchistockholm

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